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Hawaii's Plantation Village is an outdoor history museum in Waipahu, Oahu, Hawaii that tells the story of life on Hawaii's Sugar Plantations (c. 1850-1950). The Village includes restored buildings and replicas of Plantation structures such as houses of various ethnic groups and community buildings. The ethnic groups that are represented include Filipino, Hawaiian, Korean, Puerto Rican, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese.
Plan. Village-Filipino House-1931Plan. Village-Filipino-1934-2Docent Howard, Filipino Hse-1936Plantation Village-1941Plantation Village-1960-2Plantation Village-Korean1965Plan Village-Portuguese-flt-1975-2Plan Village-Portuguese-1986Plan Village-Portuguese-1989Plan Village-Docent Espy Garcia-2014Plan Village-2022-2Plan Village-Gen. Store-2059-2Plan Village-Korean-2069Plan Village-Korean-2073Plan Village-Korean-2074Plan Village-Korean-2080-2Plan Village-Okinawan-2090-2Plan Village-Okinawan-2094Sumoku Oshiro-Taisho Koto-Okinawan-2117Sumoku Oshiro-Taisho Koto-Okinawan-2128-2

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