Ann Cecil Photography | Rescue Search at Halona Blowhole
Created 26-Jul-15
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Double tragedy beyond Bamboo Ridge, with two lives washed away in a heartbeat! And a heroic effort from Ocean Safety, the fire department and the coast guard to rescue them.

Shortly after I arrived at Sandys, shortly after four, two or three life guards sprang into action heading in the direction of Bamboo Ridge outside of Halona Blowhole. In the distance a crowd had gathered on a precarious ridge above the cove pointing toward the area where a man disappeared. A second man jumped in to help the first man and soon after he too disappeared. A third man in the water was rescued. For another two plus hours efforts continued to locate the missing men. The fire helicopter arrived, then the coast guard helicopter arrived and then a coast guard boat.

Everyday these heroes put their life on the line to rescue us. It was an impressive, concerted, effort that I witnessed.
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